AFC Leopards Sponsorship Contract Might Ultimately Go to Tribunal

AFC Leopards Sponsorship Contract Might Ultimately Go to Tribunal

Kenya’s Sports Dispute Terminal has ruled on a dispute between two rivaling factions inside the handling of the nation’s Premier League soccer club AFC Leopards related to two sponsorship deals with gambling operators Betway and Sportpesa.

According to the tribunal, both agreements were void therefore the two factions will need to concur upon one sponsor. Otherwise, the tribunal itself will choose what type for the two companies is represented by AFC Leopards.

John Ohaga, Chairman associated with SDT, explained that under an understanding, made on December 22, 2015, most of the club’s decisions regarding the above-mentioned deals need that is first be approved by tribunal users in order to be considered legitimate.

One of many club’s factions signed a sponsorship contract with Sportpesa on January 26, and also the other penned a similar deal with competing Betway merely a day later on. Mr. Ohaga said that the two groups went ahead with inking the said deals without waiting for those to be authorized and this is excatly why the tribunal has declared them void.

The SDT Chairman additionally said which they have talked towards the two gambling operators also plus they have explained that they had signed legitimate sponsorship agreements with AFC Leopards. It seems that the two companies have said which they might fundamentally bring the situation to court. According to Mr. Ohaga, both Betway and Sportpesa will be referred to still the tribunal sooner or later. (meer…)